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Product Review-Kwik Stix

As an art therapist, I am always looking for new and convenient art materials. Because I visit clients in their homes, sometime parents are hesitant to use messy materials. Children love to paint as we all know and the idea of having a material such as Kwik Stix gives them this quality without the concerns […]

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Sensory Integration Art Therapy for Children with Autism

  I have written about art therapy and sensory processing before, but I believe it is worth reiterating again as I see a lot of children and teens that benefit from this. Just the other day, I had a session with a client with severe Autism and hearing impairment. As I offered him an array […]

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Children with Autism and SPD: Behavior=Sensory=Behavior

Most children who are diagnosed on the autism spectrum have behavioral issues and sensory integration issues as well.  But when and how can we tell which is which? Well in a nut shell……you can’t and for the most part its usually one and the same!  Children with autism and special needs go through similar emotional […]

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Services for New Jersey Children with Special Needs

Is My Child Eligible for Therapeutic Services? It is important to realize that not all children are the same, and an educational system that benefits one child may not benefit another. Children with special needs especially, such as those with dyslexia, autism, or behavioral problems, may struggle to learn and may struggle to enjoy education without […]

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“Look What I Did!” Developing a Child’s Artistic Skills in Art Therapy

  Art Therapy as opposed to Art Education generally emphasizes process over the finished art product.  We as art therapists are not instructors in artistic skills, but rather facilitators of artistic media to help clients express themselves and project internal issues in order to gain self awareness and insight. However, recent sessions with a client […]

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Family Art Therapy and the Child with Special Needs

Family members are not independent of one another. We need to view the family as a part of a system of specified relationships, adopted roles of behavior and unconscious and conscious rules of communication. In the case of a special needs child with limited communication skills, it is even more important to identify the dynamics […]

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