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As the community resource director of a mental health care management organization I have collaborated with Colors of Play for over 5 years. Pam Ullman has always been passionate, caring and professional with all the kids she has worked with. It has been a pleasure to create programs that so many children have benefited from. Thank you Pam for all your hard work!

Steven Campos, Hudson Partnership CMO


Pam has been working with my daughter for over a year now and has done some great work with her. My daughter has had many brain surgeries to remove tumors and chemotherapy and has been through a rough time. My daughter is finally opening up to someone and sharing her feelings and this is all due to Pam and her fabulous. Pam works around whatever is going on at the time and has been extremely successful in getting my daughter to share her feelings.

Patricia Kimball, parent, River Vale, NJ


My testimonial is about Play Therapy that Pamela has done and continues to do with my pre-school age daughter. My wife passed away, and as a single dad I was faced with a number of decisions about how to explain what had happened to my daughter, and then how to follow through with the inevitable questions. Pamela’s weekly and then bi-weekly Play therapy sessions with my daughter provided me with valuable feedback and insight, but more importantly, provided my daughter with a safe and creative outlet that she could rely on regularly as a place for her to express her feelings without fear. I will always be grateful for the help that Pamela’s Play Therapy session’s have provided my daughter and I in our healing process.

Simon Assaad, Far Hills, parent


Pam has been working with my 12 year old daughter for about six months now. My daughter looks forward to her sessions, and has found a safe place to express feelings through work with various materials. Pam is warm, responsible, encouraging, creative, and very intuitive–there’s a healing bond between Pam and my daughter that’s helping my daughter weather adolescent ups and downs well.

Allison Moore, Fort Lee, NJ- parent


Pamela is a remarkable, accomplished art therapist who is gifted in her field. We sought Pamela’s services for my youngest daughter due to a family matter involving separation. Pamela in a very short time was able to connect with my daughter in such a loving and effective way. My daughter has not only enjoyed engaging in all the art projects Pamela provides, but she has learned invaluable tools to deal with all her emotions. I, along with the rest of the family, have seen incredible results. My daughter seems to have blossomed in the process. Pamela is highly intuitive and with this talent she is able to key in on the needs of the child and give them the confidence to bring out their creativity. Throughout the sessions I have personally learned many wonderful techniques through the use of art. I highly recommend Pamela for your child, her services have been a blessing and she is truly an expert in her discipline.

Bobbi Santise, Berge County, NJ-parent


For the past year my son & I have been participating with Pam Ullmann at the art therapy ‘Colors of Play’ and we have enjoyed every minute of it. Before Colors of Play Art Therapy, my son was dealing with a lot of emotions like, severe frustration andanger, and most of the time, I didn’t know how to deal with it; I would also get very frustrated and angry at him. Now, he is learning how to control his emotions (his anger andfrustration) and I, also, have learned a lot on how to deal with his emotions.Pam has taught my son and me a lot about control in a verycalm and artful way. My son and I have worked with lots of art projects together at ‘Colors of Play’ and when I see him getting frustrated and wanting to drift away, I’m able to get his focus and attention without a lot of struggle and I love that I don’t have to get frustrated while I’m doing it. I would highly recommend Colors of Play Art Therapy to anyone and everyone; it is one of the best places I have taken my son and myself for therapy. Pam Ullmann and her staff are excellent. Pam is always on time and ready for the children and parents to begin therapy and to have fun.

Maria Mercado, Jersey City, NJ-parent


Jimmy was first diagnosed at 2 year old with PDD-NOS….he is now 16 years old. As any parent can imagine, the news at first was frightening, especially back in those days….Once we began to understand what it meant and what we needed to do to help Jimmy, we began to feel better. Needless to say, Jimmy has spent many, many hours in various therapies since 1996 when he was first diagnosed. I remember struggling for a long time to find therapies for him that were both beneficial to him along with being fun and something that he would enjoy doing. I can honestly say that Colors of ply is one of the best therapies I could possibly find for Jimmy because he love art and drawing…..Pam is outstanding and I can’t say enough good things about her and the approach she uses. Before she began working with Ji,,y, she met with us and then Jimmy, to understand all of our perspectives, goals and desires. She then developed an individual approach to use with Jimmy to leverage his strengths while trying to improve his weaknesses….what she does for Jimmy isgood for all of us, because when Jimmy is happy, we all feel better. To think that he is able to do what he like and it is enhancing his skills and abilities is truely amazing. pam goes out of her way to use different mediums and try to teach Jimmy new things each time they are together. Jimmy is getting therapy and does not even realize because he is having so much fun……He loves each and every session. I would recommend Pam and her exceptional approach to anyone…It is truly unique while being extremely effective.

Diane Brazel, Glen Rock, NJ-parent


Pam invited our 9 year old son into the world of creative expression through art and play. She did this by first understanding him and then joining him in his world. Pam uses original creative ideas, artistic expression and interesting, varied materials in combination with play. Using her talents and expertise, Pam unlocked a previously jammed door unleashing the artisitc mode of expression for our son who has globally expressive difficulties. Not only has Pam’s work with our son far exceeded our expectations, but the result of her work was surprisingly immediate. She is a dedicated, committed, patient, intuitive teacher and therapist. We are grateful to know and work with Pam and our son looks forward to and thrives from his sessions with her. We have also learned new ways of supporting our sons creativity and artistic expression through our sessions with Pam.

Lisa Schwartz and Clifford Goldman, Short Hills, NJ- parents


It was great working with Pam and very comforting to see how she was able to have such great communication with a child who did not respond to other methods. The client always looked forward to the art therapy sessions and I believe that speaks greatly of Pam’s professional and personal integrity”

Sergio Paredes, case manager at Hudson County, NJ- CMO

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